©Brian Cregan Photgraphy -5400.jpgAt Junior Cycle, Business Studies pupils gain a broad range of knowledge and practical skills from the three strands of business: accounting, economics, and business management. Within the course, there are two key areas of study which are The Household and The Business. This combination enables pupils to gain key business skills from both perspectives. Both areas seek to teach pupils important everyday practical skills including household budgeting, banking, calculating interest and bookkeeping. Pupils also learn the basics of how economic and insurance markets work, the various company structures, management and marketing. The Junior Cycle course thus provides an excellent foundation for pupils who seek to study Leaving Certificate Business.

Assessment: The assessment of Business Studies will comprise two Classroom-Based Assessments (CBA) and a final assessment. The first Classroom-Based Assessment will take place in second year. The second CBA will take place in third year and will have a written Assessment Task that will be marked, along with the final assessment, by the State Examinations Commission. The Assessment Task is 10% of the final exam. The final exam will be one examination paper at common level.

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