Welcome to Kylemore College’s English department, where you'll explore the vast world of literature, refine your writing, communication, and critical thinking skills during your time with us.

In Junior Cycle English, you'll engage in a diverse range of literature and develop your skills in analysis, expression, and discussion. You'll be assessed through a combination of written assignments, oral presentations, written exams and Classroom Based Assessments (CBAs). CBA 1 - Oral Communication is completed in 2nd year. CBA 2 - The Collection of Student’s Texts is collated and developed over the course of your study and is followed by the Assessment Task.

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After 3rd year, you will head into Leaving Certificate English, where you will delve even deeper into the world of literature and explore themes such as identity, power, and social justice. You'll develop your skills in analysis, composition, and critical thinking, and be assessed through a combination of written assignments, oral presentations, and exams. A degree in English can open up many career opportunities, including journalism, public relations, marketing, publishing, editing, teaching, and law. Studying English can also provide a solid foundation for graduate studies in fields such as literature, cultural studies, or creative writing.

Alternatively, Leaving Certificate Applied English is a unique course that focuses on developing your practical communication skills for everyday life. You'll engage with a variety of texts, including poetry, prose, and drama, and develop your reading, writing, and speaking skills through real-life scenarios such as job interviews and group discussions. The course is assessed through a range of practical tasks and projects, including presentations, written reports, and group work. Our goal is to help you develop the skills and confidence necessary to succeed in a variety of settings, from the workplace to the community.

In all courses, you will be challenged to think creatively, engage with diverse perspectives, and develop a deep understanding and appreciation for the power of language. We look forward to welcoming you to the exciting and creative world of English!

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