Through the Junior Certificate History program, students embark on an exciting journey through Ireland's rich past! Our curriculum offers a captivating exploration of key historical events, personalities, and themes that have shaped Irish identity. Through engaging lessons, interactive activities, and thought-provoking discussions, students will develop a deep understanding of Ireland's historical context and its significance in a global context.

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In this course, students will delve into ancient Ireland, examining the fascinating myths and legends that continue to captivate our imagination. They will trace the footsteps of our ancestors through the Celtic era, the arrival of Christianity, and the transformative Viking invasions. From the legendary High Kings to the awe-inspiring monastic sites, our students will uncover the foundations upon which modern Ireland was built.

Moving forward in time, our curriculum delves into Ireland's tumultuous relationship with Britain, exploring the causes and consequences of events such as the Norman invasion, the Plantations, and the Great Famine. We shed light on the resilience and tenacity of the Irish people, their struggles for independence, and the formation of the modern Irish state.

Through the study of more recent history, students will gain insights into the complex issues of partition, the Northern Ireland conflict, and the pursuit of peace on the island. They will analyze the impact of significant social, cultural, and economic changes, as well as the evolving role of Ireland within the European Union and the wider world.

Our dedicated and passionate history educators are committed to fostering critical thinking, analytical skills, and a genuine appreciation for history's relevance in our lives today. We aim to cultivate a classroom environment that encourages active participation, respectful debates, and independent research, empowering our students to become informed and engaged citizens.

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