Home Economics

Welcome to the exciting world of Home Economics, where food, creativity, and life skills come together. In this captivating subject, students embark on a culinary adventure that stretches their imaginations and equips them with invaluable practical knowledge.

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The Home Economics curriculum covers a wide range of topics, ensuring a well-rounded learning experience. From exploring the science behind food and nutrition to developing essential culinary skills, you'll unlock the secrets of healthy and delicious cooking. Discover the art of meal planning, where you'll learn to create balanced and budget-friendly menus. Dive into the fascinating world of textiles and clothing, where you'll unleash your creativity through sewing, designing, and even upcycling garments. But Home Economics goes beyond the kitchen and sewing room! You'll also explore key life skills such as personal finance management, consumer awareness, and sustainable living.

As for assessment, Home Economics strikes the perfect balance between theory and practice. You'll engage in hands-on activities, exciting projects, and captivating assignments. Expect to showcase your culinary expertise through cooking assessments and demonstrate your creative flair in design projects. In addition, you'll tackle written exams to demonstrate your understanding of the subject's core principles. So, if you're looking for a subject that's not only practical but also fun, vibrant, and essential for everyday life, Home Economics is the perfect choice.

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