Mission Statement and Ethos

We at Kylemore College are dedicated to enhancing our students' quality of learning by delivering the curriculum effectively and efficiently. Our primary responsibility is to our students, striving to meet their needs and provide outstanding service. We are committed to offering a comprehensive range of educational and social experiences tailored to the age, ability, and needs of our students. With consistently high expectations, we ensure the provision of high-quality resources and learning strategies.

In all relationships, we uphold honesty, responsibility, and respect for the legitimate rights of individuals, emphasising social awareness and sensitivity. We create a nurturing environment that allows every individual in our college community to reach their maximum potential. By managing resources efficiently, we maximize educational benefits. We foster a professional learning environment, promoting continuous improvement in every aspect of our work and life. Above all, we support the right of every member of the college community to feel safe, secure, and happy in all their interactions with Kylemore College.


Our ethos at Kylemore College embodies care, community, respect, excellence in education, and equality. We deeply value the well-being and development of every individual in our college community.

Care is at the heart of everything we do, ensuring that our students' needs are met, and they are provided with a nurturing environment conducive to growth. We foster a strong sense of community, creating a supportive network where students, teachers, and staff collaborate and learn together. Respect forms the foundation of our interactions, where we honour the rights and dignity of every individual, fostering an atmosphere of understanding and inclusivity.

We are committed to excellence in education, setting high standards and providing the necessary resources and strategies to help our students achieve their full potential. Equality is a fundamental principle, ensuring that every member of our college community is treated fairly, regardless of their background, abilities, or identities. Together, these values shape our ethos and guide us in creating an environment that promotes academic success, personal growth, and a sense of belonging for all.

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