Music is taught at Junior and Senior Cycle in Kylemore College. In Junior Cycle Music, you will experiment with the tools of rhythm, melody, and harmony to enable you to explore your creativity and share your musical ideas. You will be introduced to lots of musical instruments and challenged to listen to and understand a wide variety of musical genres. You will be encouraged to collaborate with your classmates, students in other year groups, teachers and visiting musicians to create exciting musical projects.©Brian Cregan Photgraphy -4516.jpg

Students will have the opportunity to learn about and use music technology applications and get a feel for how music works in the real world. Musical performance is at the heart of the curriculum and influences every topic. Music is a subject that puts the student at the centre of the learning experience and outcomes. Students have freedom to choose some of the music they study in collaboration with their teachers.

Assessment in Music involves the completion of two Classroom Based Assessments (CBAs); a composition portfolio at the end of second year and a programme note in third year. Also in third year, students will complete a performance assessment linked to their second CBA worth 30% and a written and listening exam worth 70%.

By choosing Music, you will immerse yourself in the dynamic excitement of the shared experience of creativity.

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