Additional Educational Needs (AEN)

Here in Kylemore College we strive to ensure that all students' needs are met and appropriate support given so that they will succeed in school and they reach their full potential. There is a constant dialogue and sharing of information between subject teachers, form tutors and the AEN department which incorporates student voice.AEN.png

We collaborate with staff, outside agencies, parents and the student to ensure that the student is receiving the correct level of support on the continuum and as a result the appropriate measures, strategies and practices are put in place. We collaborate as closely as possible with our feeder primary schools to ensure we have a full picture of the needs of the student before they reach Kylemore.

The support can take place within the classroom at a whole school level, support for some in small groups and school support plus for a few who need 1:1 interventions.

This can take the form of co teaching, differentiation of work and interventions such as Vocabulary Enrichment Programme, Accelerated Reading and Freckle.

Serving as a backdrop to the AEN Department is our JCSP Library with a full time librarian stocked with appropriate reading material so that each student can read according to their ability and achieve success. We have a dedicated and fully resourced AEN Classroom complete with Chrome Books, iPads and up to date resources. We are also involved in the SIMs project (Social Inclusion Model) which means we have access to support in the form of a speech and language therapist, NEPS psychologist and on occasion and Occupational Therapist .

We also have an excellent team of fully qualified, professional SNA’s ready to meet the care needs of those students who need it. Our team of SET teachers are continuously involved in CPD and have the needs of the student at the forefront at all times.

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