Student Voice

We believe that student input and perspectives are vital for fostering a thriving educational community. This page showcases the various channels through which our students can express their voices and actively contribute to the development of our school.

  1. Student Council: Our student council serves as the primary representative body for our student population. Here, you can learn about their initiatives, campaigns, and projects aimed at improving the overall student experience. Discover how the student council actively engages with school administration and influences decision-making processes.

  2. Student Mentors: Our student mentorship program pairs experienced students with newcomers to provide guidance and support. Explore the mentorship opportunities available at Kylemore College and learn more about the positive impact these connections can have on academic and personal development.

  3. Cairde Team: The Cairde team is a group of senior students who are trained to work closely with our incoming first year students. They play a crucial role in maintaining discipline, organizing events, and acting as role models for their peers. Meet our Cairde Team and understand their responsibilities within the school community.

  4. Student Spotlight: This sub-section is dedicated to highlighting the outstanding achievements and talents of our students. Whether it's academic accomplishments, artistic endeavors, or community service projects, we shine a spotlight on the exceptional individuals who make Kylemore College proud. Get inspired by their stories and celebrate their success.

We encourage all students to get involved, and make their voices heard. At Kylemore College, we firmly believe that every student has the power to shape their educational experience, and we are committed to providing platforms that empower them to do so. Together, let's build a vibrant and inclusive school community that thrives on student voices.

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