Transition Year

Transition Year

This year is designed to help our students make the transition from Junior Cycle to Senior Cycle. At Kylemore College we help students discover their personal strengths and develop their social, interpersonal and academic skills.

Some Benefits of Transition Year in Kylemore College

  • Add a valuable set of experiences and new skills to your CV.
  • Enrolment onto the Choose Tech Programme where, through a series of online challenges, students can earn career enhancing badges, increase understanding of the tech industry and roles & gain an insight into the everyday life of tech professionals.Choose Tech.png
  • Discover more about your strengths and develop more understanding and confidence about yourself as a person.
  • Build a solid foundation of skills for Leaving Certificate/ Leaving Certificate Applied programmes.
  • Become a more mature person.
  • Enjoy a year filled with different activity based learning experiences.
  • Improved Leaving Certificate and Leaving Certificate Applied results.

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Transition Year modules may include Transition Year activities may include
English, Irish & Maths Career Day
French & Business Studies Developmental Days
History & Geography Fashion/Talent Shows
Art Work Experience
Information and Research Skills Field Trips
Information Technology Guest Speakers
Music Health & Well-Being
P.E. & October Education Leadership Training
Religion & Personal & Social Development Market Day
Woodwork, Mechanics & Home Economics Student Productions
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