Student Mentors


School Completion Programme mentors are usually young people who have engaged themselves with SCP for support.

Our mentors understand how the programme operates and the significance of its three objectives, attendance, participation and retention.

Many of the mentors provide assistance to SCP staff during the planning and the execution of supports. These supports include a range of interventions before and after school as well as Easter and Summer programmes.


Library mentors are selected because of their positive attitude to reading and the library space. They demonstrate a willingness to help out during library events, clubs and programmes, as well as undertaking to create the displays that decorate the library and school for celebrations and festivals. They can operate the library desk during lunch times and in mornings and assist the librarian in a myriad of ways.



The Art Mentors are a group of students who have excelled in their studies. The Mentors are responsible for sharing their skills, to encourage students and to set a good example. They assist the art department in preparing events and displays around the school. They encourage students to get involved in competitions and events such as Inktober.


The Sports mentors in our school play a crucial role in promoting sport and physical


activity across all year groups. They help out with our Wellbeing Weeks and our Active Schools Week and readily assist the PE department when preparing for extracurricular sports events.They also act as positive role models for other students and each of them would represent the school in a number of sports.


Students who show a deep commitment to their study of music and a passion for sharing this with others can be recommended as Music Mentors. Music Mentors also tend to be part of the Music for Success programme. The Music Mentors assist with the running of clubs and classes by the music teachers including the choir, drum and keyboard group classes. They act as role models for junior and less experienced students. Music Mentors also assist with organising and managing events in the music department including concerts inside and outside the school. Music Mentors regularly give time after school and at weekends to support music department activities and events. The ideal Music Mentor is motivated, organised and loves music!

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